Family Faith Sunday School lessons

Family Faith lessons are held the first Sunday of each month in a hybrid form. Join in-person or via Zoom while a teacher presents a Bible story, a lesson, and a craft or activity that you can do together as a family. On the other weeks of the month, we’ll share at-home lessons and activities that families can do together. If you’d like to be added to the list to receive these resources and reminders about upcoming teacher-led lessons, please email Desirae or Jen.

Summer Family Faith Series – Six Days of Creation

The story of creation: invites wonder at the majesty of God, affirms God’s love for us, and sparks gratitude for God’s precious gift of nature. Children (and their families) are invited to watch a short video story and lesson, create or complete the craft/activity (resources are downloadable), and learn about our beautiful planet (stories based on Genesis 1 and materials provided through Children’s Ministry via The Sunday School Store).

Click on the plus button to expand each day’s video and resources.  Simply click on the links provided.

Betsy kicks off our summer ‘God Made Everything’ series.  Click below to download the corresponding resources.

Day 1 Video Lesson (YouTube)
Day 1 ‘Night & Day’ Creation Booklet
Day 1 School Age Activity
Day 1 Toddler Age Activity

Betsy shares a lesson about God’s creation of the land and the vegetation it produced. Click the downloadable resources below!

Day 3 Video Lesson (YouTube)

Day 3 ‘Land’ Creation Booklet
Day 3 God made dry land coloring page
Day 3 God made dry land coloring page
Day 3 Planting Seeds activity

Dana shares a lesson about God’s creation of day and night, including the sun, moon, and stars. Watch the video and then click the downloadable resources below!

Day 4 Video Lesson (YouTube)

Day 4: Day & Night Creation Booklet
Day 4: Decoding Activity

Jen shares a lesson about what happened on Day 5 of God’s Creation.  Watch the video and then click the downloadable resources below!

Day 5 Video Lesson (YouTube)

Day 5: Creation Booklet
Day 5: Ocean Creatures

Day 5: Make your own bird!

Jen shares a lesson about what happened on Day 5 of God’s Creation.  Watch the video and then click the downloadable resources below!

Day 6 Video Lesson (YouTube)

Day 6-7: Creation booklet

Day 6: Coloring page

Archived Children’s Lesson & Activities

The resources below correspond with the Children’s Lesson provided that same day during the worship service.  Click on the video lesson link below or head over to the church’s library of past worship services to view the children’s lesson as a part of the larger worship service.

June 20th – Jen reminds us that Jesus can calm any storm. Click here to watch the video lesson.  Create your own pinwheel to help remember who controls the wind.

May 30th – Thanks to Dana for providing the children’s lesson today.  She shares a great illustration in her video lesson of how to think about the Holy Trinity.  Download the coloring page she made here.

May 16th – Thanks to Arlene for sharing ways that help us pray. View the video lesson here. There are two printable coloring pages that support today’s message that you can complete at home. To download them both, click here and here.

May 2 – Watch the video lesson and learn how Jesus is the vine and we are the branches! Click for the coloring page here.

April 18th – View video here. Thanks to Betsy Ries for leading our children’s lesson this Sunday. Find a printable coloring page link here.  Find a printable bulletin for older children here.   Click here to watch a how-to video for a fun ‘Jesus Appears’ craft you can replicate using crayons and watercolors.

April 4th – Pastor Zook leads our children’s lesson on Easter Sunday. Watch the video lesson here.  Click here to download and print the coloring page.

Palm Sunday – You can find the video lesson here.  Click here to download and print the Palm Sunday craft.  (March, 2021)

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Video links

The Bible Project has many short, illustrated videos that tell stories from the Bible.

Click here for a link to the resurrection story in Luke 24. (4:58 min)

With all video resources, we encourage parents to view first, to ensure the video is age-appropriate for their child(ren).

Additional Support

If you would like to connect with someone from Concordia or if you are trying to find a particular type of family faith resource, connect with our Director of Mission Development, Jen Phillips at