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How Fitness is a Spiritual Practice

via guideposts.org They have lost connection with the head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow. Colossians 2:19 (NIV) On days when I'm able, I use online Pilates classes to stretch and strengthen my muscles. One of the important themes in Pilates is [...]

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When You Don’t Feel Like It

via christianperspective.net We all struggle with spiritual discouragement and lethargy.  Some days our circumstances threaten to overwhelm us, and we struggle just to pray.  Many times we just don’t feel like doing the things we know we should.  For one reason or another, God sometimes seems far off and unreachable. David faced times like these [...]

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Hope When Life Just Doesn’t Make Sense

via Proverbs31.org My life has a lot of moving parts that I’m constantly trying to keep organized. But speaking reminders into my phone is a great way to help. Instead of voicing well-structured sentences and ideas, though, I tend to speak in a shortened code of sorts. Most of the time, this works out well. [...]

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Shaping Worries into Prayers

via Proverbs31.org Recently when my niece’s daughter Harper and I were having a visit on FaceTime, she told me all about her new best friend: Skittles the guinea pig. He went down the slide with her, nibbled on baby carrots at her tea parties and nestled in her mini stroller during walks. Oh, how she [...]

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6 Truths to Remember in Seasons of Change

Life over the past few years has looked pretty different from the norm for most people. Even though it has been an experience unlike any other, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how this season reminded me of a season I’d walked through before. A few years ago, I had just graduated college, and [...]

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Finding Peace in the Face of Family Stress

via dayspring.com Life is full of choices, isn’t it? One of the hardest choices for me personally is choosing my response in stressful situations. And the situations that seem the most difficult? Family matters. Ah yes, you know what I’m talking about? Aunt Susie and Uncle Billy enjoy a wonderful marriage, but all the sudden, [...]

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If You Don’t Feel Content, Read This

via Proverbs31.org Sometimes I have a hard time with the word “contentment.” Maybe it’s because I’m single, and well-meaning people like to tell me, “You’ll meet someone once you’re truly content with where you are now.” Or maybe it’s because, single or not, this contentment thing has always felt like an impossible game to win. [...]

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What Good is Grief?

via proverbs31.org It was early fall when I pushed my nearly empty shopping cart through my favorite superstore, grabbing a handful of groceries. I eyed the tiny, pumpkin-themed newborn clothes and the brightly colored board books, remembering days long gone when my boys were littles. There I stood, with some coffee creamer and laundry detergent [...]

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To the One Who Longs to Feel Known

via proverbs31.org Songs of soft praise laced with the warm scent of coffee hovered in the air as cheerful ladies trickled through the doors and walked toward the sound of their names, beckoned by familiar voices. I was new in town and had barely talked myself into attending the Ladies’ Night at church, where no [...]

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