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3 Questions to Ask Before Offering Advice

via Her Facebook post was meant to be humorous, not a solicitation for advice. Instead, it was meant to be a comedic head-nod to all the new-year weight-watchers who were already weary of salad — which was just about everyone. Thus, she posted a hilarious quip from her recent class on weight and healthy [...]

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Finished Seasons

via There’s a valid question a lot of people find themselves asking: “When this season of my life ends, what am I supposed to do next?” In the present, as my three daughters continue to grow up, my role as parent has shifted, and I find myself tossing that question around in my mind. [...]

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When Gratitude Feels Unnatural

via We climbed into bed, exhausted with a weariness of the soul that comes from an unexpected burden. The shock of the events of the day left us numb and speechless, but sleep was the farthest thing from our minds when our heads hit the pillows that chilly November night. We had hurriedly packed [...]

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When Sunny Days Aren’t So Sunny

via I’m sitting by the pool with my neighbor, laughing because my kids are already driving me crazy and it’s only been a few weeks. They’re picking on each other. I’m tripping on their toys. The baby’s out of control. But we’re having a blast. Lazy mornings; No real schedule; Ice cream for dinner. [...]

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Loving the Little Children Like Jesus Did

via Heading down the meat aisle of my local grocery store one Sunday afternoon, I paused as my eyes caught the antics of a small boy crouched on the lower deck of a shopping cart. I smiled and said, “Hi! You’re having a great time.” The father turned from the meat counter and made [...]

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Enjoy Your Summer

via Summer speaks to us in different ways than other seasons. She says to us, “Pause, savor, feel warmth on your skin.” It’s easy to miss her. She’s quiet, you know. She whispers from the bright red of strawberries that kiss your lips when you taste them. She beckons from waves that stretch out [...]

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How Fitness is a Spiritual Practice

via They have lost connection with the head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow. Colossians 2:19 (NIV) On days when I'm able, I use online Pilates classes to stretch and strengthen my muscles. One of the important themes in Pilates is [...]

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When You Don’t Feel Like It

via We all struggle with spiritual discouragement and lethargy.  Some days our circumstances threaten to overwhelm us, and we struggle just to pray.  Many times we just don’t feel like doing the things we know we should.  For one reason or another, God sometimes seems far off and unreachable. David faced times like these [...]

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Hope When Life Just Doesn’t Make Sense

via My life has a lot of moving parts that I’m constantly trying to keep organized. But speaking reminders into my phone is a great way to help. Instead of voicing well-structured sentences and ideas, though, I tend to speak in a shortened code of sorts. Most of the time, this works out well. [...]

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