Concordia Young Adult Activities

Concordia Young Adult Activities 2017-05-31T21:27:42+00:00

At Concordia Church, our young adult ministries provide numerous events and opportunities for young Christians in Chicago to meet and mingle with others in the Christian faith community.

Avondale Storytelling Open Mic Night. Once a month, young adults (21+) are invited to Reed’s Local Bar to share in an open-mic night – Narratives of The 606. Come and share or opt to just sit back and listen! The rules are that it has to be a true story, told in under seven minutes, and on a theme (to be provided). This is a great way for young Christian adults to meet others in the community.

Clean & Green. We partner with the Alderman’s office in the Spring and with other Concordia groups throughout the year to make Clean & Green days a reality. These days provide opportunities to those who champion a healthy environment and being kind to our earth. Meet your neighbors, eat great local food, and roll up your sleeves to help clean up the Avondale neighborhood. Check our events calendar for the upcoming dates at our Concordia Church on Whipple.