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Counting our Blessings

Counting our Blessings by Tom Groelsema It’s important to occasionally think about all the ways God has blessed us. Even when life hurts, we have many blessings to thank God for. Here’s a way to use the word BLESS to count our blessings (­adapted from Alvin Vander Griend, B is for body. Thank God for physical health and [...]

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“This is the day”

Dear Friends, The Presiding Bishop of the Lutheran Church, Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, addresses the dividing and painful reality of racism, and the Church’s call in response in her open letter, “This is the Day”, posted below. Within our website, you will also find other resources and links to materials compiled by our Director of Ministry, [...]

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Status update on re-opening the church

When will we be re-opening the church for worship and activities? Good question.  With that question come many other questions we will want to be able to answer first: what restrictions on gatherings and activities will be required? What protocols do we need in place to keep members and visitors safe? What will worship look [...]

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A Prayer for Memorial Day

Holy God, we remember with thanksgiving and gratitude the men and women of the military whose sacrifice has helped to keep us safe and free. We lift up the families and friends of those who gave their lives for their country and ask your healing spirit bring comfort to those who grieve. May we be [...]

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“Joy is Like the Rain”

I saw raindrops on my window, Joy is like the rain. Laughter runs across my pain, slips away and come again. Joy is like the rain. I saw clouds upon a mountain, Joy is like a cloud. Sometimes silver, sometimes gray, always sun not far away. Joy is like a cloud. I saw Christ in [...]

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“Give Yourself Grace” reflection by Lara Heacock

Give Yourself Grace by Lara Heacock When you're doing hard things. When you're going through change. When you're noticing old patterns creeping back in. When you don't feel like you showed up at your best. When you're lost in the whirling dervish of busy. When your heart feels heavy. When your mood feels flat. When [...]

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Good Friday reflection by Pastor Nicholas Zook

"We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you. By your holy cross you have redeemed the whole world" Good Friday begins with our solemn meditation on the sacrifice of Christ.  The altar is bare, symbol of his humiliation and beating.  Psalm 22 is read with its vivid imagery of Christ's suffering and haunting cry [...]

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