There’s a valid question a lot of people find themselves asking: “When this season of my life ends, what am I supposed to do next?”

In the present, as my three daughters continue to grow up, my role as parent has shifted, and I find myself tossing that question around in my mind.

In the past, when a job I held for five years was coming to an end, I felt like I asked that question every day.

And when I look into the future and see other various roles that could be ending soon, the question lingers over my calendar.

Seasons come and go. But sometimes we struggle to know just how long we should hold on to a season because we can’t see what’s ahead.

Letting go of a season is challenging, especially if it’s something we really love doing or being a part of. It’s even harder if our identity has become attached to that season, and we wonder if we bring value anywhere else.

Here’s something I’ve come to understand about seasons in our lives — as hard as it can be, there’s always a way to finish a season well.

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