A couple years ago, I was already in such a hard season, and in the moment my doctor said, “Lysa, I’m so sorry, but you have cancer,” everything around me got incredibly quiet and seemed to move very slowly.

I could hear the doctor continuing to talk, but I couldn’t make out his words. I could feel words trying to form in my mouth, but there was no energy to actually speak. I knew I should probably cry, but no tears seemed available.

I am absolutely a woman who believes with all her heart that the presence of God is in the midst of her life. But in that moment, He felt distant and mysterious. I just felt stunned. And then I felt OK. And then I felt stunned again. I wanted to hold it together. But then falling apart seemed quite reasonable.

It’s scary when doctors shock you with test results, and you don’t know what the future holds.

But during that time, God had so many people share simple words that became powerful revelations reminding me how very near God was to me. I think times of desperation often lead us to great revelations if we make the choice to look for and be open to them each day.

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