Looking Back Before Moving Forward
by Alicia Bruxvoort via Proverbs 31 Ministries

It was moving day, and my only emotion was relief. My husband and I had just lived through one of the toughest seasons of our young married life. We’d juggled graduate school and job changes, leaped into parenthood, and fallen into the pit of exhaustion. Stress had been high, and money had been short. And while I was thankful for the things we’d learned, I couldn’t wait to head across the state line with our children and begin the next chapter of our story.

Soon we’d load all of our belongings into a little rented trailer, but first, God prompted me to take an early-morning walk around the block.

The last thing I wanted to do was circle the same pedestrian path I’d already strolled a thousand times. I was worn out and burnt out, too weary to cry and too sapped to feel sentimental. But I was also too tired to argue with God, so I traded my objections for obedience and headed out the door…

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