Life over the past few years has looked pretty different from the norm for most people. Even though it has been an experience unlike any other, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how this season reminded me of a season I’d walked through before.

A few years ago, I had just graduated college, and took a job offer from DaySpring. Living in Arkansas placed me over 400 miles from my friends, and nearly 300 miles from family. While initially I felt a peace about my choice, about 3 months in I began to feel uneasy about how this could be good. My world, once abundant in relationships and activities was feeling empty.

Maybe right now you’re feeling this way too—distant from friends and family you love, living life in a way you never have had to before, missing the normalcy of your old routine, and feeling the loneliness sink in. But my story didn’t end in the emptiness, it blossomed again into abundance. I believe that with patient endurance, God will do that again for each one of us.

So today, I am reminding myself and you of these truths that I clung to within that season:

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