I’m sitting by the pool with my neighbor, laughing because my kids are already driving me crazy and it’s only been a few weeks. They’re picking on each other. I’m tripping on their toys. The baby’s out of control.

But we’re having a blast. Lazy mornings; No real schedule; Ice cream for dinner.

That’s what summer is all about, right?

But I look up and see tears in my friend’s eyes. She’s a single mom going through a painful divorce. Her daughter just graduated, and will be leaving in the fall. She’s been struggling at work, fearful of losing her job. This is not a happy season for her at all.

Summer. Just saying the word makes us smile – conjures up images of sunny days full of family, friends and fun. And because it’s a season that so many of us look forward to, it’s easy to miss the fact that not everyone is having the time of their lives.

So how can we help those around us who may be having a less-than-ideal summer? Here are a few ways to consider reaching out.

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