Parents, you are the #1 influencer of faith in your child’s life… Come grow in faith with your child at Concordia Church!

When setting your calendar, don’t forget to include ways to explore, learn, and grow in faith with your children. Concordia Church provides opportunities for children and parents to grow in faith together with Sunday morning “Children’s Church” classes during worship that are age-appropriate and fun. Through group activities, crafts, stories, and music, you and your children can journey in faith together at Concordia.

Have fun and grow in faith together! Check out these offerings for your little ones, which happen during worship at Concordia Church on Seeley and Concordia Church on Whipple:

Ages 0-3 Parents sign up to receive an e-Newsletter each month. Each e-mail contains articles, early faith formation tips, and fun activities and ideas to do at church and at home.
Preschool through 2nd grade Animated characters re-enact Bible stories in a fun and accessible way. Lessons encourage exploration of faith and the Bible through discussion and age-appropriate activities.
3rd through 5th grade Animated videos and lessons are geared more for concrete thinkers of this age. Each week, kids and teachers start their time together by watching a short video that helps them to participate in discussions and activities around connecting faith and daily life.
6th grade and up Youth are engaged in community building and work together on service projects that are focused around providing opportunities for faith development. Leadership development is facilitated by supporting a mentor relationship between older and younger youth.

Worship Times

Concordia Church on Seeley

3855 N. Seeley
8:30 am and 10:30 am weekly Sunday worship

Concordia Church on Whipple

3300 N. Whipple
Please check our events calendar for worship opportunities!

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