Connecting Community Through Service


We are grateful for your engagement with Concordia. Our ministries through our church and Concordia Place have grown to reach many more people and families this past year. The work done through our Common Pantry/Swedish Hospital partnership and our new initiative to help New Arrivals is helping benefit our larger community.

This year, the theme of our Stewardship program is “Connecting Community Through Service”. This campaign focuses on how we can support our community, through time, talents, and financial gifts.

We invite you to join us in this year’s campaign, as we further consider the ways that we can support the growing needs of our friends and neighbors in our community. We ask you to consider where you would be willing to share your time and gifts with Concordia this year to support the work it is doing in the community.

Temple Talks

To share more about the ministries of the church and the ways for you to engage, we’ll be hosting temple talks on upcoming Sundays. Temple talks will be hosted during worship. Please see the schedule below for the list of upcoming topics for each.


Below, you’ll find some resources for the 2024 stewardship commitment campaign.  The Stewardship brochure and Commitment form are downloadable and printable.   A version of the commitment form is also available via a Google form if you’d like to submit it electronically.

If you have any questions about the materials, completing your commitment form, or how to set up electronic payments, please reach out to Desirae at or (773) 281-1225.