Our staff at Concordia Lutheran Church Chicago want to help our members, both new and returning, grow their faith as much as possible. While religion can be a complex subject, what unites us in the Christian faith is larger than what divides us.

God is Love.
God wants us to know joy.
God has a plan for us.

God’s plan for us is to grow and thrive within our own lives while helping our neighbors do the same. We understand that different people, at different ages learn and connect differently. So we have created various faith education options for our Christian community!

Christian learning at Concordia Church provides both adults and children with spiritual formation in strength and character.

  • Adults can participate in various adult faith groups, discussions and adult small group Bible studies to enhance their own learning and knowledge.

  • We provide opportunities for families to grow in their faith together through various activities.

  • We also encourage children to discover the teachings of the Bible in a nurturing environment through our Sunday school lessons.


We invite you to journey with us in our classes and groups designed to teach us about God’s love and his plan for us.