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The Children’s sale has been going on for over 20 years. The reason it was started was to help children understand the real meaning of Christmas and to help them think of being a giver and not always a receiver. We wanted to help instill in them the real meaning of Christmas and not the commercial version that it has become.

All gifts cost $1.00, the gifts might be new or slightly used items that have been donated to the sale. The presents are then wrapped for the child so they are ready for the holiday event. Items are broken up into sections, mom’s or women’s gifts, dad’s or male gifts, a Christmas section and a children’s section for siblings and cousins. Children shop without their parents, we ask for volunteers to help the children find the perfect gift for their family members. The volunteer also helps them wrap the presents and every year the excitement I see in the children’s faces is the reward. The children feel that they are able to contribute and it was not bought by mom and dad. We ask that you give your child a list for all the members of your family that they need to purchase gifts for and the money needed to buy the gifts, remember it is only $1.00 a gift. (If your child is very young, 3 years and younger, you may alternate between parents so your child can purchase a gift for each parent. Please direct them to the section that you will be purchasing in but try not to “help” them pick, it is the thought that counts and the gift they picked out has meaning to them.)

Please start putting aside gently used items that you can donate to the sale, we ask for gently used items for males, females, and children (no clothes please) beginning in November. We ask for volunteers to help the children on the date as well, volunteers can help individual children shop, wrap presents or do both activities. You can email me at angroo98@aol.com or call me at 773-859-3842 with any questions or if you would be interested in volunteering your time.

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