Concordia Church is showcasing its artistic side! To that end, the 125th Anniversary Team is working with a sister church quilting group to create a 125th Anniversary Quilt that will hang in the vestibule of the church. This project represents – in a tangible way – the rich, woven tapestry of our church’s participation in God’s mission throughout our generations and in the communities we impact.

We invite each family unit to decorate a quilt square for inclusion in our quilt.  Quilt squares, along with specific instructions and ideas, can be picked up in the church Sanctuary or you can request to have one sent to your home.  Quilt squares should be returned to Jen Phillips.  An image of the directions is shown to the right and is attached to the quilt squares for your benefit.  Please connect with Jen Phillips if you have questions or would like to help with the project. (

We anticipate dedicating the quilt and installing it this coming fall (2023).