Thanks to everyone for making the Thanksgiving Celebration, held on November 16th at Concordia Church on Whipple, such a great offering of praise and thanks.  We easily had over 85 people in attendance with a truly awesome experience of “One Concordia”.  Teachers, team members, and parents from Concordia Place and Concordia Day, with members of Concordia Church, all came together to join in thanksgiving.  The food offerings were wonderfully diverse—truly an international feast.  The opening crafts invited everyone, children, and adults, to reflect on the blessings that so abundantly fill our lives.  Songs and prayers engaged everyone in a spirit of joyful thanksgiving.  Prayers offered by our team members across Concordia and from our diverse religious identities was particularly meaningful.

A special thanks to the following individuals for helping plan this joyous event: Rachel Ozog, Flora Calabrese, Sarah Venturi-Yates, Jen Phillips, Kiki Collias, Fikirte Asefa, Lupe Neukirch, Sandra Robertson, Mary Verne, Heidi Carcoma, Nyla Diab, Jennifer Kelly, Brenda Swartz, Kevin Kelly, Jason Schultz, Erica Medina, Naomi Goldstein, Theresa Edwards, Fikirte Asefa, Joseph Calderone, Adam Varner, and Nicholas Zook.