Pastor Adam’s transition into a new ministry not only means change for him and his family; this is a moment of change for Concordia as well. The next chapter of our mission outreach is not simply calling for a new associate pastor. With the end of his ministry, funding of our Alternate Worshipping Site grant, through the ELCA and Synod will be suspended. In this time of mission assessment, we want to take advantage of what we’ve learned from our mission expansion journey so far; and clarify what is a part of our mission moving forward:

  • We remain committed to fostering the current faith community in Avondale and are already working with church leaders both at our Seeley and Whipple sites during this time of transition.
  • Re-envision church ministry resources designed to meet the spiritual needs of everyone, not just those who are members of our faith community
  • Expansion of small groups for spiritual and resiliency resources for our faith community, Concordia staff, and the broader community.
  • Collaborative community events hosted by both Concordia Church and Concordia Place are valued by our faith communities and by families and neighbors who participate in Concordia Place programs.

Our commitment to witness God’s love and grace – the WHY at the foundation of our church ministry—will continue to guide our mission to our Concordia community and our neighbors.  Over the coming months, you will hear more about opportunities for dialogue and engagement with church leaders as we seek to define the new HOW we witness based on what we’ve learned and through assessing what is needed.

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Pastor Nicholas Zook