Concordia Church is blessed to be a part of ministries that seek to ‘Love God and Love Our Neighbor‘–to share God’s word and sacrament, His grace and love, to those in our communities.  In response to God’s calling us to this work, we are asking every member to participate in our Faith Commitment Program for 2018. To date, we have already received 30 pledges.  We are excited by the generous response of Concordia Church.  Still, we haven’t received everyone’s commitment. We ask you to complete your faith commitment and bring or send it to church by Sunday, December 3rd. Doing so will better help Concordia live out its mission into the future. Pledge cards and Stewardship materials are available in the back of church.

Click the link below to download a writable version of the 2018 faith commitment form.

Pledge Card 2018

Please pray for God’s blessing on our ministries and thank you for your faith commitment that supports them.  May we all truly grow in our faith and love for Christ.