Classes will meet according to the following schedule. On the alternate Sunday’s there will be craft/lesson activity in the back of the Sanctuary based on the children’s sermon that will be supervised by youth or a teacher. Betsy Ries – Children’s Church Superintendent

This is where Children’s Church will take place on the following Sundays:

Date Lesson Theme
PK- 3
Lesson Theme
Grades 4-6
3/3 John The Baptist The Gospel Fellowship Hall
3/10 Calling The Disciples 3 Acolyte Church Sanctuary
3/17 Palm Sunday The Law Fellowship Hall
3/24 Maundy Thursday Acolyte Church Sanctuary
3/31 Good Friday Grace Fellowship Hall
4/7 Teach Us To Pray The Cross Fellowship Hall
4/14 Palm Sunday Acolyte Church Sanctuary
4/21 Easter Sunday No Classes Easter Egg Hunt After 10:30 Worship service
4/28 Teach Us to Pray Pentecost Fellowship Hall
5/5 Calming the Storm Acolyte Church Sanctuary
5/12 Walking on Water The Body of Christ Fellowship Hall
5/19 Zacchaeus Acolyte Church Sanctuary
6/2 Water to Wine Persecution Fellowship Hall
6/9 Jesus Feeds 5000 Spread of the Gospel Fellowship Hall – Last Day of classes