The Children’s Christmas sale is back! Over 20 years ago, this sale began as a way to help children understand the real meaning of Christmas and to help them think of being a giver and not always a receiver.

All gifts in the sale cost $1.00! These gifts might be new or slightly used items that have been donated to the sale. The presents are then wrapped for the child so they are ready for holiday events. Items are classified into sections: Mom/Female gifts, Dad/Male gifts, holidays, and children’s (for siblings and cousins).

If your child participates, we ask that you give him/her a list for all the members of your family that they need to purchase gifts for and the money needed to buy the gifts. For very young children, you may alternate between parents so your child can purchase a gift for each parent. This is a great opportunity for children to be able to give a loved one a gift that has meaning to them.

Proceeds from the sale are split equally between the Helping Hands fund and the fund for the Children’s Christmas sale next year.