Alleluia! Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Concordia Church on Seeley
What a wonderful celebration of our Lord’s resurrection we enjoyed on April 1st. The church sanctuary was beautifully and festively decorated. Easter breakfast, Concert and special choir music with guest musicians and vocalists, celebratory worship with over 120 in attendance and all capped off with an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Abi and Nora, two of our confirmation students, served for their first time in the role of deacons for the service. The new Welcome project was in full swing Easter Sunday, and new visitors were greeted with welcome gifts and news about our church ministries. In total we had over nine new families come and visit us!

We want to thank the volunteers who prepared our Easter breakfast under the guidance of Chef David, and our thanks to choir and musicians for the wonderfully joyful concert and music directed by Yana. Thanks to Richie, Dan, and Lupe on our Welcome team.  Our thanks to the Sunday school teachers who helped organize the Easter egg hunt, the Sanctuary decorating team, Pastor Dan for the 200 Easter origami butterflies.  And, of course, in the planning/executing/bird-dogging of it all–incomparable (and unflappable) Director of Ministry, Jen, with her able assistant, Joseph for this well-orchestrated day of joy.

Concordia Church on Whipple
Easter at Concordia on Whipple was a festive celebration of the resurrection of our Lord – with joyful music, origami butterflies (thanks to Rev. Dan Shutters), beautiful flowers (thanks to Jennifer Kelly), and moving worship. Afterward, children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt outdoors on the Whipple playlot – and they excitedly collected more than 150 Easter eggs!