From the Desk of Pastor Zook:

I’ve heard from several people that they would be interested in another Sunday morning Adult Study similar to the Lenten study last Spring.  I’d like to survey interest in offering another discussion group on Sunday morning from 9 am to 10 am in September.  The book I propose to read together is “Bad Religion” by Ross Douthat, a New You Times columnist.  From the dust jacket summary:

“(Ross Douthat) argues that America’s problem isn’t too much religion, as a growing chorus of atheists have argued; nor is it an intolerant secularism, as many on the Christian right believe.  Rather, its bad religion: the slow motion collapse of traditional faith and the rise of a variety of pseudo-Christianities that stroke egos, indulge our follies, and encourage our worst impulses….Ranging from Glenn Beck to Barack Obama, Eat, Pray, Love to Joel Osteen, and Oprah Winfrey to The Da Vinci Code, Douthat explores how the prosperity gospel’s mantra of ‘pray and grow rich,’ a cult of self-esteem that reduces God to a life coach, and the warring political religions of left and right have crippled the country’s ability to confront our most pressing challenges and accelerated American decline.”

I found it a thorough, well researched and comprehensive review of the impact and cultural significance of dominant Christian faith traditions; Mainline Protestant, Catholic and  Evangelical churches, have exercised in the 20th century with particular attention to the demographic rise and fall of influence through the 50’s to the present.

We are looking to hear from you and gauge the possibility of offering an adult study this Fall.  If you’re interested in participating in a book discussion beginning mid-September to the end of October, send me an email at