Rev. Linnea Wilson grew up at Concordia Church. Her parents, Carl and Jacquelyn Bostrom, were active leaders in the congregation. She serves on the Concordia Place Board of Directors. Rev. Wilson is a retired ELCA pastor who served most recently at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Mount Prospect. Thanks to Rev. Linnea Wilson for leading worship at Concordia Church on Seeley on July 22nd and 29th. We would like to share with you one of those sermons she shared with us:

“You’re a disciple, and you’re doing God’s work. So when the bone weariness sets in, when your hands and head and heart just don’t have the energy to do what God calls you to do, the antidote is going away by yourself. Going to that quiet place—away from newspapers and iPhone and Facebook and kids and spouses and…and…and…” click here to read the rest of the sermon.